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My Place in the Blogosphere

by DREW on 08/13/2007

The blogosphere (the vast quantities of blogs and bloggers publishing) is exploding. I’ve started to wonder where I fit into the mix and where I would like to fit into the mix. I want to share my main hopes and reasons for having this blog and then by way of story share some thoughts on where I might fit into the blogosphere.


Primarily, I want my blog to encourage right, critical thought and lead to spurring on others to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24) which should all well up to the glorification of our great God and King. This shall be my single passion. Subsumed under this is thinking critically about current events, culture, evangelicalism, Christianity, theology and pretty much anything I find interesting. (However, I do realize that sometimes I post things that really don’t have much to do with anything–see the previous post for an example.)

Secondarily, this blog is an extended writing project through which–Lord willing and the creek don’t rise–my writing skills can develop. In a sense then, this blog is an experiment. Having the blog and the domain name KataDrew.com (not that anyone else would want the site name) spur me on to write more regularly, precisely, and carefully. As Augustine notes, “I count myself as one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.” May I be included here.

Place in the Blogosphere

Unfortunately, I’ve been working on this post in pieces over several days, and I don’t remember the story I was going to tell by way of introduction into where I fit into the blogosphere. So, let me tell you plainly.

I am subscribed to about 50 blogs in Google Reader. (See my shared items on the right–posts I found intriguing and wanted to share). Most days when I open it up to see what’s buzzing around the blogosphere, it’s the same articles regurgitated ’round and ’round. “Mohler blah blah.” “Piper blah blah.” “Grudem and Piper blah blah blah.” “Christian and Muslim blah blah blah.”

There are few novel blogs. Most of us just link to the good stuff instead of writing it ourselves. I would like to think that my place in the blogosphere would be quality over quantity, but every post I’ve written disqualifies me from that, even this one! Dare I say I’ve missed the mark? That’s why I wanted to set forth my impeti (impetuses?) for writing: glory to God and better writing. Not to blog for 2,000 days consecutively. Isn’t life more than blogging? Don’t worry about what you’ll blog for the day’s worries are sufficient for the day.

My place in the blogosphere? KataDrew.com.